Become a Successful Project Manager

How to Become a Successful Project Manager?” It is the most frequently asked question by those who want be a project manager or PMP certified project manager. First, there is no easy formula to becoming a project manager.  However, there are various actions you can take that will help you in your pursuit of a career in project management.

Here, we are going to tell 3 crucial skills needed on the path to Project Management Career:


The problem most yearning project chiefs have is their absence of experience, and obviously, who is going to utilize some person to run their task who has next to zero experience. Be that as it may don’t lose hope, there are parts help yearning for undertaking administrators manufacture their experience and ability set. Working in a Project Management Office (PMO) or as a Project Co-ordinator can give significant knowledge. Search for chances to work close by accomplished undertaking chiefs and watch precisely how they function.


Individuals frequently ask whether picking up a project management certification will offer great assistance. In short, yes. Any manager is going to need to know you comprehend the technologies and strategies required to run effective projects. Picking up a PM certification demonstrates to you is not kidding about joining the profession and can finish a thorough system of study. Regularly these accreditation can open entryways and help you get a couple of steps further up the stepping stool to your objective.


Much is composed about the skills required to turn into a project supervisor. I won’t show them here, however you ought to recognize the aptitudes required and match them to, those you have, those you require, and those you have to make strides. Project management includes a considerable measure of delicate abilities, so don’t simply take a gander at those in the syllabus of undertaking management certificates.

Apart from above skills, you should have the following project management skill set

  1. Quality to switch from a leader to a manager as situation require
  2. Be a team builder and team manager
  3. Problem solver
  4. Should be influencer
  5. Excellent communicator
  6. Organizing skill
  7. Knowledge of financial techniques and systems along with accounting principles
  8. Be competent and consistent planner


Being a Project Manager is a massively compensating occupation; however, you ought not to belittle the intricacy and trouble of the part. It needs a scope of abilities in numerous business zones.



What is Organizational Process Assets In PMBOK 5th Edition

You will find Enterprise Environmental Factors (EEFs) and Organizational Process Assets(OPAs) very frequently while going through the PMBOK5th edition and therefore firm understanding of the topics is required. Here we will discuss the Organizational Process Assets.
Asset: Any tangible or intangible thing that can be owned or controlled to produce value for us is called an Asset for us. For example my house which I use to live is an asset for me, and so my car is which I use to commute etc.
Similarly an organization has assets in terms of process policies and knowledge base which becomes mature with the time. Organization invests in creating all these process, policies and knowledge bases so that it can help the organization wherever it is needed and thus called Organizational Process Assets.
Let me give a real example: One of my friend in my last organization was assigned a finance related project and he had to develop a detailed risk management plan. He was not experienced enough in doing that and therefore he approached me. I asked him to go to our company’s knowledge base and get one template for the same and then develop his own. And after few days I saw his name in one of the best PM of that quarter. See how helpful the knowledgebase can be for anyone who needs it and that’s why we call it Organization Process Assets.
Organizational Process Assets has important role in project’s outcome and with the time it grows and becomes more and more mature.
As per PMBOK the Organizational Process Assets is divided in two categories
  1. Processes and procedures
  2. Corporate knowledge base

Is It Necessary To Memorize ITTO To Pass The PMP Exam?

Do I need to memorize ITTO’s to achieve the PMP OR Is It Necessary To Memorize ITTO To Pass The PMP Exam? This question is frequently asked by most PMP aspirants due to unpredictable and toughness of the exam questions. No doubt you need to be faster than others because whatever you do either give exam or take rest in the exam hall, clock will not stop. So, some aspirants memorize ITTO (‘Inputs, Tools and Techniques, and Outputs) concept to answer PMP exam questions faster.
ITTO’s exist for each of the 47 Processes, based on the PMBOK Guide, Fifth Edition. These processes are spread in the TEN knowledge Areas and the FIVE Process Groups.
You will find many blogs and articles related to this question. Some experts say it is vital to remember ITTO’s but personally I would recommend NOT to learn the ITTOs by heart. But ye, It is really true that you need to have a solid understating on the ITTOs concept to answer at least 40 percent of the PMP exam questions (80 out of 200). This is how people are trained at Trainings24x7.

Why I would not recommend memorizing?
To pass the PMP exam needs an extensive preparation. The first and foremost reason is – even if you have memorized in a good manner but you may make mistakes. Sometimes, you will not be able to answer the PMP exam questions if you don’t have a solid understanding on the relation between the different processes and their interactions.
Second reason is – however people do remember but just think for a while that memorizing ITTO’s for Forty Seven processes is not easy, and is not really needed. Yes, you have to remember for a few processes but not all.
Still you are confused, then join any PMP Training, or purchase any standard PMP exam preparation book so that you can understand how the different processes in ITTO’s interact with each other.
Last but not least “Tip” – Test your knowledge of Inputs, Tools and Techniques, and Outputs processes and interactions for PMP exam
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Free PMP Exam Simulators (List Of Free Websites)

Free PMP Exam Simulators (List Of Free Websites)

(Taken From Best PMP Lesson Learned Which Were Common in All)
It is universally true that – to obtain the PMP certification, you need to do lots of practice on realistic questions.
Are you PMP exam ready and looking for PMP FREE Sample Questions OR Simulators for practice? If YES, then in this article I’m going to give you a list of free PMP sample questions websites or resources from where you can get more than 2000 practice PMP questions for free. Below you will have the list of the best and quality pmp exam questions websites that will help you prepare PMP questions with answer.
Recommendation is given to do at least 1000 of such pmp test questions before actually passing the exam. That is why I have listed here the list of websites from where you can get more that 2000 FREE pmp exam prep questions and their answers. You must practice them until you achieve more than 80 percent of the questions…..
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