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What is Digital Marketing & Who can join this course??? In simplistic terms, digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media. Digital marketin…

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Is It Necessary To Memorize ITTO To Pass The PMP Exam?

Do I need to memorize ITTO’s to achieve the PMP OR Is It Necessary To Memorize ITTO To Pass The PMP Exam? This question is frequently asked by most PMP aspirants due to unpredictable and toughness of the exam questions. No doubt you need to be faster than others because whatever you do either give exam or take rest in the exam hall, clock will not stop. So, some aspirants memorize ITTO (‘Inputs, Tools and Techniques, and Outputs) concept to answer PMP exam questions faster.
ITTO’s exist for each of the 47 Processes, based on the PMBOK Guide, Fifth Edition. These processes are spread in the TEN knowledge Areas and the FIVE Process Groups.
You will find many blogs and articles related to this question. Some experts say it is vital to remember ITTO’s but personally I would recommend NOT to learn the ITTOs by heart. But ye, It is really true that you need to have a solid understating on the ITTOs concept to answer at least 40 percent of the PMP exam questions (80 out of 200). This is how people are trained at Trainings24x7.

Why I would not recommend memorizing?
To pass the PMP exam needs an extensive preparation. The first and foremost reason is – even if you have memorized in a good manner but you may make mistakes. Sometimes, you will not be able to answer the PMP exam questions if you don’t have a solid understanding on the relation between the different processes and their interactions.
Second reason is – however people do remember but just think for a while that memorizing ITTO’s for Forty Seven processes is not easy, and is not really needed. Yes, you have to remember for a few processes but not all.
Still you are confused, then join any PMP Training, or purchase any standard PMP exam preparation book so that you can understand how the different processes in ITTO’s interact with each other.
Last but not least “Tip” – Test your knowledge of Inputs, Tools and Techniques, and Outputs processes and interactions for PMP exam
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Memorizing The Formulas For Tracking Costs – Tips & Tricks


Are you having trouble memorizing the formulas for tracking costs? Are you searching for the tips and tricks? If your answer is YES – then this article will be helping you in a great way as you are expecting.
First of all, I would like to mention one thing is that – “Understanding the concept is much better than memorizing the formulas.” No doubt, formulas are the important and easiest way. I’m using the word Easiest but how? Of course, formulas are easy to memorize if you Practice – Practice- and only – Practice questions.

Tips and Tricks to handle questions related to Costs Formulas in the PMP Exam: 

  1. Try to write many time them until they are in your memory – It is just for clicking your mind when you practice questions. It will help you a little bit to accelerate your speed.
  2. Understanding the purpose of each formula and the message related to the calculations will have you ready to handle any formula math problem. Most students build a robust brain dump sheet. Do you need help creating one? Try Trainings24x7’s Sheet which has been created to leave a lasting impression on your brain. It explains concepts so clear that it never fades away from your mind.
  3. Use a complementary text like Rita, Crowe, Heldman, or Sohel Akhter and answer the formula questions for that process. Answer all the formula questions correctly for cost, and then memorizing them should be easier.
  4. The entire point of studying PMBOK is learn skills to enable you to do your job as a Project Manager as best as you can. Do not worry about learning the formulas. Concentrate on the fact that they are tools that you can use.
  5. Forget the Exam – the formulas are for your working life. Learn and understand what the formulas are for.

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PMP Questions: Top 15 Free Resources For Practice



You must browse each and every resource on Google then you will get an exact URL. I have filtered them for you only so that you can only quality questions for practise
For Example ;
Suppose you want to visit Oliver Lehmann PMP questions then search in as –
“Oliver Lehmann 175 pmp exam questions”
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