List Of Free PMP Sample Questions Websites | Trainings24x7

Are PMP exam ready and looking for PMP FREE Sample Questions OR Simulators for practice? If YES, then in this article I’m going to give you a list of free PMP sample questions websites or resources from where you can get more than 1000 practice PMP questions for free. Below you will have the list of the best websites that will help you prepare PMP questions with answer.
I will also list the best reference books for preparing the exam.

It is universally true that – to obtain the PMP certification, you need to do lots of practice on realistic questions. Recommendation is given to do at least 1000 of such questions before actually passing the exam. That is why I have listed here the list of websites from where you can get more that 1000 FREE questions and their answers. You must practice them until you achieve more than 80 percent of the questions.

Golden Tip before practicing questions: – Read the PMBOK 5th Edition at least 5 times to familiarize yourself with PMI’s vision and terminology.
Websites providing free PMP certification exam questions:

(For more link)


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