How To Avoid PMI Audit?

Can I Avoid PMI Audit? How To Avoid PMI Audit

The simple and short answer is – NO. You cannot avoid PMI audit because PMI clearly states that – “The Selection of an application for audit is random”. PMI reserves the right to audit all applications. Since it receives thousands of applications from around the world, only a percentage of them are actually audited. Technically, your application can be audited by PMI even after passing the PMP exam.

 What Does an Audit Mean For You?

It only means your exam application process is going to a little longer which you need to prepare and mail (physically post!) those documents to PMI after having them signed by the colleagues you have mentioned in your application.
Since the process of audit is random in nature, so there is nothing to do to avoid the PMI audit. What you can do is to get well prepared for a PMI audit so that you can pass the audit very easily and smoothly.

 In case your application gets audited then below is my recommendation:

  • Get all the certificates and keep copy ready
  • Contact with all the people whose name you propose to the list as your managers / supervisors on your PMP application. Let them know that you are going to apply for PMP certification exam so that if PMI contact them they should not be surprised and keep themselves ready to respond.
  • Do not overlap your experience.
  • Be specific about work responsibilities.
  • If you fill the form truthfully; you don’t have anything to fear from the PMI audit.
  • If you are still confused then join pmp training class where you can get the help of filling pmp exam application form then do not worry as many other gets confused here therefore our recommendation is to join PMP training from where you can get assistance in filling the form and YES we help our all candidates in filling their PMP exam form.

If you follow the above steps then it will help you prepare better.

 PMP form filling process article

 Best Of Luck !

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